Experiență medievală

I am very passionate about finding low-cost interesting destinations, so I recently visited Sighisoara, a very well-preserved medieval citadel. It was sublime, as I expected: typical narrow medieval streets, full of merchants and tourists, lots and lots of museums (of tools, arms, clothing), art and traditional objects exhibitions, knights and princesses. With every step you dive in a rich and fascinating culture. Most of the places forbid taking pictures, so you are left with enjoying a unique experience by using all your senses. I was extremely touched when after seeing a long line of swords and armors and guns, I was presented some wooden moulds for baking gingerbread. It was then I realised the city was once populated with people with the same needs and feeling like us, so it became way more interesting to understand how people lived in that time.

Pasionată de destinații la îndemână, am dat o fugă până la Sighișoara zilele acestea. După cum m-am așteptat, a fost superb: străzile înguste, pline de vânzători și lume, muzee la tot pasul, expoziții de artă sau obiecte tradiționale, cavaleri și domnițe. Un singur lucru nu s-a ridicat la măsura așteptărilor mele Continuă lectura „Experiență medievală”